Welcome on my blog

Hello and welcome on my blog, I would like to tell you what it is about. on this blog I post my own photo's and I write about other great photographers, I hope you like it.

maandag 27 januari 2014


I am going to get some new inspiration and i am gonna take a break see you soon

vrijdag 17 januari 2014

review on: desi Traveler

White Tiger close upMecca Masjid Hyderabad India - Travel Blog
Desi Traveller is a blog that I have been following for a while and I really like it. He travels through India and makes photos on his travels from wildlife to temples like seen above. His pictures are all very colourful and show the true culture of India. Now I really Like India so I might be a little bit biased , but still I think these pictures are very nice and worth watching. I hope you will take a look at Desi Traveller and that you will enjoy just as much as I did.

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

how to start your own photography blog

So this time I wan to give you some tips on how to start as an amture photographer. This post is especially ment to motivate you and to give you a nice kick off, advanced tecniques are a different aspect and deffinetly not my best aspect. So if you want to start a photography blog follow these steps

1. Find a niche- I know photography is a niche but what do you want to do with photography. You can review photography, talk about tecnique review camera's, post your own photo's etc.

2. Pick a platform where you can do your blog. You can pick a free one like blogger, or wordpress which costs a little amount of money. That's all up to you.

3. Now it's time to write your first post. Make shure you have catching title and some good content, consider making an ''about'' page and introduce yourself.

I wish you a lot of luck with your own photography blog

zaterdag 4 januari 2014

A year review by you.

2013 was like you might know the first year of this blog. Some posts were good other terrible. There was a lot of variation in quality you could say. I did like this year, my post weren’t quite regularly and I want to change that. 1 of my goal for this year is to improve my blogging skills and my photography skills to create a better blog.  Now where I am going is that I would like to know what you think about my blog. Here is what you can do to review my blog. You do have to log in if you want to leave a comment but just use your google account. 

1. Leave a comment
2. in that comment you can give a mark from 1 to 10 for design and content
3. If you want you can leave some extra tips too

I hope I get a lot of reviews by you so that I can improve my blog to the way you want it, and then I hope you like my blog more than you do now. As last I want to wish you a happy and healthy 2014.